we are here!!!
We are STILL active! With 150 members and counting
As of 3/31/2020

Hello old, new and non members! I apologize for going silent for quiet awhile and not providing answers to anyone regarding the site. Here I am now to answer them. Two years ago Webs was undergoing system changes and sent a notice to their sites that still held site builder 2 (Which is the format this site holds) that they'd be forcing an upgrade to Site Builder 3.  Because of this a lot of site builder 2 sites began to malfunction and glitch, including this one. With the glitches I was unable to edit, log in, access certain pages or send out mass messages to members. This forced me to abandon the site :(.... I tried to open up a discord, but little did I know the glitch was affecting other members so they never saw the link and the site ended up dying. I still come on in search of survivors... today (7/9/18) is the first time in nearly 2 years I've been able to actually edit and stay on a page without being kicked out.

I am sorry to all my members :( I wish I could have told you all sooner but I physically could not. I was kicked from my own site and the moments I got in the OOC box never lasted long because webs would crash. If anyone comes on to see this that would like to keep Rynoa alive, I am always happy to start it on discord. A lot of RPG sites have been moved to it because it is cheaper, safer, easier to use and has less problems. My friend code is #3893 so please reach out to me I am always on it. I was unable to edit the site bar so my message is here. Again, I'm sorry everyone :(



The discord for the site just copy and paste it into a search bar!



 I just came back to edit the link so you could get to it LOL!!!